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Tote Maple


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Product Description

Using a patent-pending process, Supplii™ crafts this all-bentwood handbag from thin layers of responsibly harvested maple wood sheets. This blond version of the Toolbox series presents a light and elegant exterior and matching maple interior. The floor is lined with cork or a cranberry red molded silicone fashioned with a wood grain pattern.

Surprisingly lightweight at only 12 ounces, the bag feels like a natural and comfortable extension of the body: rounded, sanded edges kindly greet the hand; a water-based environmentally sensitive finish protects the wood while smoothing and shining a surface that feels good to touch and clasp against the arm; and the soft interior floor brightens the space and protects your personal items.

These photos are representative of the handbag, but each handbag possesses a unique beauty due to the variations intrinsic to organic materials.

Additional Information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 10 x 5 x 7 in