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joelle andrew

Rabat Magazine Cover with Supplii

Rabat Magazine includes Supplii wood purse in article on innovative wood products

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Check out the Spring/Summer 2014 issue of Rabat Magazine, which has a delightful three page layout dedicated to unique wood products, including our own wood purse from Supplii. The magazine elected to highlight our Bentwood Clutch handbags.

Joelle Andrew Supplii on American Link

American Made: Joëlle Andrew, Supplii, and Austin featured in American Link Magazine

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American Link Magazine – which covers creative ideas that are American made – recently focused on Austin for their March 2014 issue. The magazine highlights local businesses electing to keep sourcing, production, and all other operational functions onshore, despite some of the cost-savings and other advantages that might come with offshore vendor relationships.

We are proud to be included in this piece, proud to be part of Austin’s artistic community, and excited to be featured on the cover of a magazine dedicated to local inspiration, community support, and eco-living.

You can download and read American Link Magazine from the iTunes App Store.

Supplii Wood Purse on Canal+

“Made in Pauline” – Supplii on French Television Canal+ La Nouvelle Edition du

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Supplii’s Tote wood purse was featured by Pauline on French television in a segment on inventive products. Here’s the full video, with Supplii’s coverage beginning at 3:40. Here’s a brief translation of the opening statement: “For all the girl’s who don’t want to have a dead python or bit of plastic on their arm but want to be eco responsible and they like nature and they like trees but they are a little superficial, here is a handbag made out of wood…(pause) thanks for the applause…” Thanks Pauline!

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Venu Magazine Covers Supplii Bentwood Purses

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The upcoming edition of Venu Magazine will profile Supplii and our bentwood purses and handbags.

Here’s a description of Venu from their site, so cool you have to start subscribing:

Published six times a year, VENÜ is timely and timeless – it ventures beyond the average delivering an illuminating glimpse into our popular culture and bearing witness to the exceptional talent that surrounds us. The editorial mix spans a broad range of topics, including art, architecture and design, fashion, music, film and photography, food and wine.

Supplii in Austria’s Format Magazine

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Wonderful surprise to receive a hardcopy of Austria’s Format magazine, which ran this cool piece on Joelle, relating her process to that of legendary Vienna furniture maker Michael Thonet.

Format is an Austrian weekly magazine covering National News, business and money. Topics include Austrian and international economic policy, personal investing, information technology and lifestyle and culture.

Handbag Designer 101 Selects Supplii and Joelle Andrew as Designer of the Day

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Joëlle Andrew of Supplii was selected as the handbag designer of the day by HBD101.com.  It’s a nice piece that provides some perspective on the inspiration behind her wood purse and handbag line.  You can visit Handbag Designer 101 and read the article here.

HBD101.com does a wonderful job highlighting new designers while showing trends, handing out awards, and providing tips on handbag design and the marketplace, so check them out and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.