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Supplii: The first all bentwood handbag

Posted by | March 31, 2011 | Supplii News | No Comments

My artistic and design sensibilities have been forged from exposure to a broad range of academic and professional endeavors, inclusive of architecture, urban planning, fine art, scenic design, and corporate branding and marketing.  I have always reveled in the creation of tangible products and the thin divide between products that are functional and awe inspiring.

The Supplii Toolbox Wood Handbag

So Supplii is the culmination of these many endeavors, and what an incredibly fun and rewarding experience this has been for me.  From concepts to drawings to molds to prototyping to the first commercially available product: the Supplii Toolbox.  There are two variations of this product based on the materials, and both products (the Maple and the Black Walnut handbags) project a unique and elegant exterior finish that’s truly remarkable in function: the form leverages the tensile nature of the molded bentwood sheets to actually create the hinge.  Both handbags are available on Supplii.com or through the “Shop Now” button on the left hand side of our Supplii Facebook Page.

The Toolbox Maple Interior

The wood serves as the hinge, shell, and interior

These first outputs have resonated with me, taken me by surprise.  The natural wood materials, the thoughtfully-crafted exterior form, the hand-smoothed edges and handle all feel so comfortable against the body and in the hand.  The great efforts extended over nearly a year have paid off, and I hope you enjoy the output as much as I do.

There are other handbag molds currently in the production queue, and we at Supplii look forward to narrowing in on the next Supplii product release.  We’re keeping the style of our next handbag close to our vests, but I can say it will reflect Supplii’s commitment to strong design and natural function.  I can’t wait.

Joelle Andrew, Designer and Founder